Skin Care Treatments

  • Sweet Milk and Lavender Bud Facial - $95.00

    Elegant, fresh, and refined, this 100 percent natural facial treatment will deeply cleanse, fully exfoliate, and wholly hydrate your skin. Powerful herbal antioxidants and natural nutrients combine to correct skin texture and tone, which is so important to substaining beauty at any age.

  • Royal Aroma Therapy Spa Facial - $95.00

    The ultimate in deep relaxation! De-stresses and conditions! Includes: warm neck roll, hand treatments, and scalp massage

  • Power Paraffin "C" Facial - $95.00

    Nourish and soften the skin as the mask destroys free radicals, stimulates collagen and cell turnover, plus hydrates. Fine lines and wrinkles disappear.

  • Soothing Protection Facial - $95.00

    Redness and irritation are reduced. This treatment is suitable for clients using Retin A, Renova, or those with thin, hypersensitive skin.

  • Fire & Ice Facial - $95.00

    The hot massage with sonic vibration increases blood circulation, opens pores, and helps to boost the absorption of facial serums and moisturizers. The cold massage locks in moisture and skincare nutrients, diminishes the appearance of pores, helps to reduce facial edema, and firms up the skin.

    Tights and firms the skin

    Increases the absorption of skin care products

    Diminishes pores

    Helps to prevent wrinkles and fine lines on the face and eyes

    Tightens the skin

  • Purifying Facial - $95.00

    This facial deep cleans, eliminates clogged pores and refines the skin's texture.

  • Microdermabrasion Facial - $69.00

    30 minutes

    This treatment combines the power of exfoliation with vacuum suction to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, age spots, and enlarged pores.

  • Facial Cupping - $60.00

    At Aroma Therapies Spa a small suction cup is used during facial rejuvenation cupping creating a gentle vacuum to lift the skin and other facial tissue. Lifting the facial tissue activates the lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins, cellular waste and excess fluid in the face and neck. Rigid muscle tissue in the face and neck is easily massaged with facial cupping.

    $60 regular price for 30-min facial cupping per session

    Buy a package and save: nine treatment package = $495 ($55 per session)

    This can be added to any facial or by itself.

  • LED Therapy Facial - $69.00

    30 minutes

    Light penetrates the deeper layers of the skin

    Won't hurt the skin's surface

    Targets the bacteria that causes acne flare-ups

    Is an effective means of treating chronic acne conditions

    Is all natural, safe, no harmful UV rays

    No harsh irritating chemicals or side effects

    The most powerful acne light therapy systems on the market