If you are interested in any of these classes/workshops let me know ASAP and I will then let you know the date & time the class will be held. Once you officially register for the class, the fee will need to be paid in advance to hold your spot. If their is not enough participation the class/workshop will be cancelled and your money refunded.

  • Spring Classes
    Spotlight On Cinnamon EO - $20

    We’ll cover the uses and benefits of Cinnamon. Four culinary recipes using cinnamon are included that you can make for your family. Make and Take Projects will be a ‘Pure Cinnamon Massage Oil’ and ‘Cinnamon Salt’

  • Spotlight On Pettigrain EO - What do we do with this EO??? - $20

    If you need relaxation then this is the class for you. Make and Take projects include a Roll-On Blend and also an Aroma Salt Blend that includes four different essential oils. We’ll also go over other uses and benefits of this aromatic oil.

  • Dual Pens Coloring - $20

    Dual brush pens are water-based with a flexible and soft brush tip and a bullet tip. They are ideal for coloring, lettering, blending, or illustrations. Nine vibrant colors to choose from and a variety of different coloring pages.

  • Macrame - $20

    All supplies included to make a small macrame plant hanger.

  • Previous Spring Classes
    Kids Workshop - $20

    These projects will create some fun for kids at home or outside in the backyard this summer. I’ll show you how to make Moon Sand, Bouncy Balls and Play Dough and include the recipes just in case you might want to make more.

  • Peppermint Soap On A Rope - $20

    Every shower you get to experience the cooling sensations that come from Peppermint essential oil. This is a must have if you live in an area that gets a lot of humidity.

  • Spotlight On Basil EO - $20

    We’ll cover the uses and benefits of Basil. Recipes included in class material include Parsley-Basil Steak, Roasted Marinara Sauce, Herbed Pasta Salad and Quinoa Egg White Omelets. Make and Take Projects will be an A+ Test Day Roll-On Blend and a Lemon and Basil Liquid Dish Soap.

  • Make Over Your Makeup Bag Part 1 - $20

    Have you ever wondered if the makeup you use every day is safe? Aside from the unknown ingredients that may not be so great for you, makeup can get quite expensive. With just a few basic ingredients, we’ll create your own natural, and much more affordable makeup. This workshop we’ll start off by making a Plump Lip Stick and Mascara. I will send the recipes with you as well, along with a recipe for making Makeup Removal Pads.

  • Make Over Your Makeup Bag Part 2 - $20

    The second part of this workshop includes making Gel Eyeliner, Natural Foundation and Makeup Brush Cleaner. All recipes included with materials.

  • Spotlight On Clary Sage - $20

    We’ll cover the uses and benefits of Clary Sage. When your nerves are stretched to the limit, fill the tub, lock the door and give yourself a 'time out' with this PMS and menopause soothing Aromatherapy Bath Oil and Aromatherapy Bath Salts make and take projects.