If you are interested in any of these classes/workshops let me know ASAP and I will then let you know the date & time the class will be held. Once you officially register for the class, the fee will need to be paid in advance to hold your spot. If their is not enough participation the class/workshop will be cancelled and your money refunded.

  • Spring Classes

    Like the other "spicy"essential oils (including Cardamom and Ginger), Coriander essential oil is famous for its ability to naturally relieve pain and inflammation. It's one of my very favorite essential oils for pain relief.

    We’ll be making a pain relief oil that you can use for sore muscles, tension, and even achy joints (like knees or fingers).


    Oregano is one of the most potent and powerful essential oils and has been used since ancient times in traditional health practices for its cleansing and immune-boosting properties. It wasn’t until after the Second World War that oregano found popularity in the US. Due to the variety of uses, oregano holds its position as one of the elites in essential oils.

    We’ll cover the many uses and benefits of this amazing essential oil and make oregano ointment for small cuts and wounds for you to take home with you.


    Lavender is one of the most aromatic and highly versatile plants in the world. Known for its sweet-floral aroma and calming properties, lavender is a popular component used in many personal care products, aromatherapy, and even in the culinary world.

    You have your choice of making any one of these lavender recipes: Lavender Hand Scrub, Lavender Syrup, Lavender Honey Butter or Lavender Bath Oil

  • Previous Spring Classes

    Design your own 5x7 photo frame. These are a lot of fun and look beautiful; just add your favorite family photo or give as a gift.


    This biblical essential oil has many uses and benefits. Make and take home project is a spikenard massage oil.


    Bring the fresh forest aromas of the winter season to your home with the sweet fragrance of Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is the ideal essential oil to help clear your mind and promote relaxation and feelings of clear breathing. Studies have also shown that Eucalyptus is even effective in helping lessen tension.Want to learn more about Eucalyptus and its benefits? Plus, I'll show you how to make an All-Natural Chest Vapor Rub for quick sinus relief during cold and flu season. You'll get a jar of it to take home with you.