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January Treatments

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24K Gold Facial

An intense antiwrinkle protector that has amazing skin firming effects, it nourishes the skin to totally revive natural useful vibrancy and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines, combats free radicals, enhances skin rejuvenation, and helps restore elasticity and suppleness. 

Power Paraffin Facial

Nourish and soften the skin with the Unique C Power Paraffin Facial. After a natural herbal cleansing, a powerful serum of Vitamin C with extracts of green tea and chamomile is applied, followed by a warm, gentle paraffin mask.  Relax while the power of the mask destroys free radicals, stimulates collagen and cell turnover plus hydrates the skin.  After removal of the paraffin, see the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles disappear and a beautiful healthy glow emerge. 

Peppermint Foot Treatment

Feet are often the most neglected area of the body. They contain 72,000 nerve endings, which is why a foot massage makes the entire body feel so wonderfully relaxed. Essential oils provide an effective way to give feed a treat.  This treatment includes a foot soak, a foot scrub and a peppermint foot cream massage. 


February Treatments

All Specials Expire

Eyes & Lips Rejuvenation Treatment

Your eyes and lips are the two places that tend to reveal signs of aging first. This remarkable anti-aging treatment is designed to rejuvenate those areas, reducing the signs of fatigue and dehydration that can cause dark circles, puffiness, uneven color, and chapped, peeling lips.

Lifting Facial

This treatment dramatically renews firmness and elasticity while providing deep hydrating benefits. After cleansing and toning we use an organic firming serum, cell renewal cream and a silk serum to massage using effleurage, pressure points and kneading movements.  Then a revitalizing mask will be applied and the facial will be finished off with a nutritive eye cream and a seaweed gel.

Raspberry Collagen Facial

This soothing treatment helps relieve skin of inflammation and irritation reducing redness. It provides antioxidant protection and combats the visible signs of premature aging. Raspberry contains a number of compounds including vitamin C and flavonoid phytochemicals such as anthocyanins which help to protect both large and small blood vessels from oxidative damage. Nourishing Shea butter provides lipids that deeply nourish and hydrate the skin


March Treatments

All Specials Expire

Seaweed & Aloe Back Facial

An effective treatment to cleanse and clear problem areas on the back and shoulders by loosening impactions, refining the pores, and beginning the healing process. After a thorough cleansing, a gentle and relaxing scrub is applied for superior exfoliation. A seaweed extract is applied and enhanced with 10 minutes of steam infused with essential oil, followed by wonderfully relaxing back and shoulder massage. An antioxidant mask is applied and then removed with warm towels. A refreshing cooler supplies the finishing touch. 

Vitamin C Firming Facial

This facial formulated with vitamin C helps improve dull complexions and reduces the appearance of blemishes and dark spots. 

Bio Infusion Facial

After a cleansing and gentle exfoliation, an ample of papaya extract is infused into the skin until fully penetrated.  This facial ends with an organic firming serum and a light coat of cell renewal cream. 


About Kathy

Kathy Pyle is a licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist, graduate of Barbizon School of Modeling, Pittsburgh Beauty Academy and Certified by the Conservatory of Esthetics in bridal makeup, advanced skin assessment and powerful surface peeling. Her dedication keeps her up-to-date on treatments including advanced facial massage and facials for rosacea and sensitive skin. Her goal is to offer the most professional service that she can provide.