Our Monthly Specials


December Treatments

All Specials Expire

Chocolate + Peppermint Scrub & Rub

A showerless salvation for dull skin and weary muscles!  Antioxidant-rich chocolate and stimulating peppermint buff skin smooth and deliver a tension melting massage.

Arnica Sports Massage

Perfect for fitness fanatics!  This arnica-infused treatment helps revitalize and soothe overworked muscles, connective tissue, and joints with targeted, sports massage.

Moor Spa Brightening Facial

Relax as we renew your complexion with this facial that brightens your complexion and leaves your skin hydrated, radiant, and youthful looking.

Winter Berry Facial

This facial is a replenishing treatment brimming with antioxidants to detoxify, correct and protect from winter sun exposure while plumping and rejuvenating dry skin and diminishing fine lines.  This amazing treatment gently exfoliates, warms the senses and brightens the skin.


January Treatments

All Specials Expire

Fire & Ice Facial

The highlight of this facial is the dual anti-aging massage. The hot massage with sonic vibration helps to boost the absorption of facial serums, moisturizers, and eye creams by opening up pores.  The cold massage locks in skincare, temporarily reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines, and helps to reduce puffiness and redness if needed.  Great for all skin types.


Aussie G’Day Facial

Get “down under” oily, blemished skin with the Aussie G’Day deep-cleansing facial.  It boasts the refreshing power of eucalyptus and the gentle balancing properties of clay.  Offer the world a fresh face and a big smile . . . and don’t forget to say “G’Day!”

Hot Buttered Rum Hand & Foot Treatment

Spread holiday cheer with a mask of warm rum essence and spiced botanical butters, all while providing moisture to soothe chapped, dry winter skin on the hands and feet.

Russian Tea Body Scrub

This treatment will spice things up while removing dead skin cells.  While the aroma of orange, cinnamon and bergamot fill the air, a warm sugar scrub is applied giving special attention to heels, feet, knees and elbows.  Once removed, a warm Russian oil is massaged into the skin to melt away all of the day’s stress.

ADD ON TO THIS BODY SCRUB:  Hair & Scalp Treatment for only $5.00


Aging Gracefully Massage

Live life — forget your age!  Specially blended essential oils promote self-confidence, lift your spirits, and ease anxiety.  This body massage will make you feel the optimism of youth.


February Treatments

All Specials Expire

Luscious Lavender Pedicure

Sit back, close your eyes, and relax as luscious whipped butters and aloe help soften your skin and the pumice in this sublime treatment gently exfoliates rough, dry patches. Lavender helps calm your spirit while Epsom salts soothe your tired feet. Ahhh…sweet relief.

Coconut Orange Massage

You’ll be day-dreaming of breakfast in a tropical paradise when you experience this glorious massage.  Your spirit will be warmed and uplifted with sweet orange essential oil, as your body is smoothed and lubricated by coconut butter.  It’s like a mini-vacation!

Chamomile Facial

The healing extracts in this facial improve aging skin’s appearance. Chamomile is known for its calming, soothing and purifying properties.


Tea & Roses Hydrating Facial

This over-the-top facial targets dry, dehydrated skin with lavish ingredients like evening primrose oil, rich in vitamin E & F and minerals, and geranium, lavender, lemon, and rose essential oils to balance and revive your skin.  The result?  A glowing complexion that’s cleansed, hydrated, and refreshed!


About Kathy

Kathy Pyle is a licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist, graduate of Barbizon School of Modeling, Pittsburgh Beauty Academy and Certified by the Conservatory of Esthetics in bridal makeup, advanced skin assessment and powerful surface peeling. Her dedication keeps her up-to-date on treatments including advanced facial massage and facials for rosacea and sensitive skin. Her goal is to offer the most professional service that she can provide.